The End of Overtourism

After my blog on “The metaphoric rise of overtourism and why we should stop using the phrase”, the CEO of SKIFT, Rafat Ali, who coined the phrase overtourism in 2016, spoke out.

i was happy to see the team behind the phrase #overtourism explain why the phrase was never meant as a framework or theory – @rafat is the CEO/Founder of #skift

Basically, Rafat, argues It Is Time to Ditch the Phrase ‘Overtourism

Am I happy to win these tweets – yes, as I thought overtourism was not a solution. As Rafat, rightly points out, it did bring the world attention to the downsides of mismanaged tourism. However, instead of directing attention to mismanagement, the source problem was identified as tourists themselves!

I spoke to Rafat about my overviews on overtourism, which came out on April 8, 2023.

Listen to the podcast.

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Suggested Further Reading

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