I am a Senior Lecturer at Swansea University (United Kingdom). I worked alongside the National Tourism Development Authority of Ireland before joining Gulliver, and later, Wicklow County Tourism as Marketing Executive.

I have a Ph.D from the School of Sport and Service Management, (University of Brighton), which I completed in 2011.

My research interests are slow, alternative, historic, future and cultural mobilities, outbound Chinese Tourism and events and leisure.


Academic appointments

  • Part Time Hourly Lecturer, School of Sport and Service Management, University of Brighton, Oct 2005 – May 2011
  • Assistant Professor, Dongbei University of Fnance & Economics / Surrey International Institute, Aug 2011 – Aug 2013
  • Assistant Professor, Institute for Tourism Studies, Aug 2013 – Aug 2014
  • Senior Academic, Bournemouth University, UK, September 2015 – September 2020
  • Senior Lecturer in International Tourism Management, Swansea University, Uk – August 2021 – present



  • PhD, University of Brighton, United Kingdom, Jan 2005 – Jan 2010
  • MBS, University of Limerick, Ireland, Aug 1995 – Jul 1997
  • Graduate Diploma in Tourism Studies, University of Limerick, Ireland, 1994 – Aug 1995

Online Profiles

Getting in Contact:

The best way of reach out is emailing michael.oregan(@)gmail.com