Article readership milestone!

Congratulations! Our article on peer-to-peer accommodation platform use in 2017, and has over a short period of two years, become one of the most read articles in the journal Anatolia – becoming one of its top ten “most read” – 2020.

Despite the growing fear-filled sociopolitical rhetoric and moral hand-wringing about peer-to-peer accommodation platforms such as Airbnb, the paper argues that these platforms are under-researched and undertheorized.

Utilising Airbnb as an example, the paper explores this ‘disruptive’ collaborative consumption (sharing) platform within the prism of cultural capitalism to examine the ratio of freedom to estrangement it has created within cultural, economic, political, and consumer worlds.

Thanks to the Organisational Development team at BU,  the papers impact was primarily brought about through social media, blog posts and even a link to a page on collaborative consumption in Wikipedia.