Quoted in Bloomberg owned CityLab

In an article entitled Can Airbnb Survive Coronavirus?, published in the Bloomberg owned CityLab , Dr. Michael O’Regan, Dept of Sport and Event Management, was quoted on the future of Airbnb.

When travel to cities returns, it may not be Airbnb that reaps the benefits. Some experts think there may be a medium-term swing back toward traditional hotels once the travel industry starts to revive, due to fears about how consistently hygiene standards can be enforced in the home-share market. “People might be less inclined to book Airbnb after the recovery due to perceived cleanliness issues” says Michael O’Regan, senior lecturer in marketing at the U.K.’s Bournemouth University. “They simply can’t guarantee a deep clean on a host-to-host basis after every guest.”

But there’s another possible outcome — that this massive global shock to the lives of millions of people ends up, over the longer term, changing little. “There was a lot of discussion during the SARS and MERS epidemics about how it might change people’s behavior” says O’Regan, “but things ended up going back to business as usual pretty fast. I don’t think Covid-19 is a fatal blow. I think a lot of people will go back to hosting.”