New Article: Exploring conspicuous consumption at a wine festival in China

Very pleased that our paper, ‘Exploring conspicuous consumption at a wine festival in China’ has been published!

It is published in “Hospitality & Society” “Conspicuous consumption and hospitality at a wine festival in China” (2019)

Our study found that conspicuous tendencies manifest themselves with wine consumption, but are affected by culture and traditional values in China. The study found social and personal influences mediate the ways in which individuals perceive and experience consumption in ways that do not wholly follow western practices.

This paper is part of a trilogy 🙂 on Chinese wine events/tourism.

The other two papers are “Attendee Motivations at an International Wine Festival in China” (2017) (published in Event management) and “Macau wine festivalscape: Attendees’ satisfaction and behavioural intentions” (2018)

(published in Hospitality and Society).