ESRC Research Methods Festival 2018

I attended the ESRC Research Methods Festival 2018 in Bath last week. My first time, and I was generally impressed.  The provisional programme included 58 methodological sessions consisting of over 200 individual presentations. There were some lively discussions.  However, some of the presenters not very “competitive” in their presentations, and seemed to be ticking a box borne out out of some funding application.


Picture: Dr. Jaeyeon Choe (Bournemouth University) and Dr. Michael O’Regan (Bournemouth University)

The venue was great, the University of Bath was a great venue (and its a beautiful town), the weather fantastic, the food choices amazing… and I really enjoyed the visual, participatory and critical approaches to research. From Walking Methods to use of Comics, I learned a lot. My colleague, Dr James Gavin, has an overview of the programme. I will add my thoughts later …..