In the Press – Tourists on drunken rampage

Three women filmed on a drunken rampage following a night out in the Spanish resort of Marbella caused a lot of outrage. In an article in the Mirror published on May 25th, 2018, , I added my perspective.  The title is pretty big.

Tourists on drunken rampage in Marbella sparks furious backlash in infamous TOWIE resort.

Dr Michael O’Regan, a lecturer in events and leisure at Bournemouth University, said authorities and businesses had some share of the blame.He said: “Politicians, columnists and scholars have tended to concentrate on highly visible tourist phenomena caught on video and shared on social media, while neglecting what is not easily visible.

“The real struggle is not with tourists, but those authorities and businesses who facilitate late night drinking.

“It’s with the lack of resources for police, enforcement of existing laws, and actually solving the problems of living in tourist destinations, like illegal Airbnb rentals and illegal taxis.”