RGS_IBG 2023 conference

Good to be back after a number of years / post COVID etc. Thanks to all the presenters and participatory audience at my session – Contemporary Countercultural Communities and Geographies of uncertainty at the @RGS_IBG conference last Wednesday morning @choe_jaeyeon @tomorrowstouris & Christina Susanne Muhs. Great presentations on wellness food tourism, #vanlife an the future of spiritual tourism!

Glasgow School of Business & Society staff from GCU at the Royal Geographical Society-IBG Conference! (Dr. Nick Davies, myself, Dr. Jaeyeon Choe

I was also happy to have chaired a virtual RGS session entitled New Mobilities at the @RGS_IBG conference. From papers on auto-ethnography of affective journeys in Transatlantic slavery heritage, Mobility through Home Space: A study of Instagram posts, e-scooters and Exploring Urban (im)mobility in the digital era, well done to all the presenters for great papers.

Virtual Session