Conference Presentation 1.0

I attended my first conference for 4 ? years – the International religious tourism and pilgrimage conference, hosted for the first time in Asia Pacific Region in Vietnam. Thanks to Jaeyeon Choe O’ Regan, PhD for organizing, and Hue University for hosting. We had great food throughout, since Hue is the best foodie destination in Vietnam, IMO. We also had great side trips, including meditation at the Từ Hiếu – Root Temple of Thich Nhat Hanh, who passed in 2022.

My Conference Certificate!

My presentation was on Intentional Ritualization, and the Monetisation of Sacrifice


Recent ethnographies have become more sensitive to issues of how pilgrimages, drawing those with secular and religious identities, intertwine with power, gender, class, ethnicity and nation, producing complex discourses, rituals and practices. There has a particular interest in exploring the role of rituals within these pilgrimages, the processes that produce them and their impact on the on the human body and brain. This study on Chinese outbound gamblers to Macau, SAR, explores Chinese gambling tourists’ movements, behaviours and rituals and behaviours along poststructuralist lines, so as to generate new insights into the profound effects of intentional ritualization by casinos, who exploit the cultural memory and expectations of the Chinese mainland pilgrims. This presentation will stimulate discussion on how the hunger for rituals, can be used to enhance individual beliefs, courage, and generate group cohesion through intentional re-creation of communitas, for the purposes of economic growth.