Visit to SNUAC Center, Seoul National University, Seoul, South Korea.

I visited the Seoul National University Asia Center yesterday. Amazing work being done here, with a great team of scholars. I was especially interested in work on mobilities (Migration and Tourism). From work on Airbnb to tourism and North Korea, there is alot to unpack.

Meeting at SINUAC, Seoul, South Korea. (L-R) – Dr. Jurak Kim, Dr. Eunhui (Rosa) Eom, me, and Dr. Jaeyeon Choe from Hue University.

I want to mention a few scholars I met, and their current research interests.

I met Dr. Eunhui (Rosa) Eom, Research Fellow · Asia Center at Seoul National University, who researches connections/mobilities between Korea and the Philippines, Vietnam, Thailand and the broader Mekong region. I was surprised to learn the connections between Vietnam and Korea run particularly deep.

I met Dr. Yilsoon Paek (SNUAC), the author of the monograph – “Peace on the Korean Peninsula and the Future of the Kaesong Industrial Complex” (2020).

Dr. Paek and her new monograph
“Peace on the Korean Peninsula and the Future of the Kaesong Industrial Complex” (2020).

Dr. Paek is also co-authored the article “Re-reading Kaesung Industrial District with the (New) Mobilities Paradigm: Production of Socio-spaces through Commuter Buses as a New Mobility System” (2020).

I also met Dr. Jurak Kim, who got his Ph.D. in Geography at Seoul National University, His research interests include tourism, urban social/cultural geography. His doctoral project (below), sought to understand the roles and characteristics of local residents who host tourists through Airbnb. Looking forward to seeing some journal outputs based on his doctoral work in the near future.

I also met Prof. Daehyun Kim, a Professor of Physical Geography, Seoul National University, who took time out of his busy schedule. Thanks for the snacks… and warm welcome. Korean and Kentucky hospitality (where Prof. Kim spend many years). We also met Dr. Hyun Chul Maeng, who is Assistant Professor in Marketing at the Indian Institute of Management in Bangalore. He was a amazing host and help in the humid sun. His academic, business and volunteer work have taken him around the world, from Hong Kong to Kazakhstan,, India and Uzbekistan. Really interesting work, and want to persuade him to work on the nexus between management and spirituality.

Dr. Hyun Chul Maeng

I want to thank Dr. Suh-hee Choi, from the Department of Geography, Kyung Hee University (and former colleague at IFT, Macau) for organizing everything and made the whole day possible. Thanks so much, Suh-hee! Here’s to future collaborations. We also met Dr. Cho’s Masters student, who has just submitted her thesis on Korean’s in Ho Chi Minh City and their sense of place. Really interesting work, and would make for a great PhD project.

Suh-hee Choi Department of Geography, Kyung Hee University